Two things prompted this post: My friend’s, Jennifer, post on Gratitude, and a quote I read yesterday in the comments section of some random YouTube video: “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it”.

While the author is disputed, the quote’s message is clear:

Instead of coveting what we don’t have. Or wallow in the misery of what’s lacking. Let’s recognise and nurture what’s already there!

Many things can be said about 2020. But one thing is for sure – it’s a year of awakening to the many Blessings in our lives and which we may have taken for granted. So I’ve decided to start counting my many Blessings today!


A stark reminder to just how fragile we are, I am grateful beyond words that everyone in my family and friends is so far in good health and spirit. And I am forever indebted to those who strive, day and night, to heal the sick and stand by the dying.


I am incredibly thankful for my friends who, despite social distancing, offered me a hug when I needed it the most. And I cherish those friends who decided to keep a distance to keep themselves and my family safe. 


Zoom fatigue aside, I am grateful to still have a job and be able to work from home. My heart goes out to everyone who’s lost their livelihood because of the current pandemic. 


I am grateful to be able to enjoy long walks outside, and that I can fill my functioning lungs with fresh air every day. Our body has so many automatic functions, that I tend to take each one of them for granted – but no more! I am grateful for my heart beating & lungs breathing, pumping life into my cells every second of every day. My kidneys and liver washing toxins away. My gut bacteria nurturing me. My neurons firing diligently so I can be creative and write posts like this one.  


Because we could not travel this year, I am grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with my husband and daughter – playing, fighting, bonding, laughing, crying, crafting, and re-designing our interior. 


I am grateful to have been able to attend so many amazing training courses online this year. Some of my dream coaching courses used to be only offered in person in the US or the UK. But thanks to COVID-19, all of a sudden everything went online, and I’ve cherished every minute of every course.

Gratitude. A Brown Thank You Card on Pink and Blue Small Bottle
Thank you to all of you who have been my anchors in the storm
Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels (“Thanks for existing in my little galaxy!”)


I am thankful for all the time I could claim back from my normally hectic life, so I can…
… start an indoor garden in my glassed balcony,
… read more and launch this website,
… just “be”, taking walks in my neighbourhood, soaking in new sights, insights, smells and sounds. 


I am grateful for the quiet… the no hustle or bustle… the no running around from one appointment to the next… the no planning frenzy for the next “perfect” activity we should be undertaking – those dreaded FOMOs (fear of missing out) of our 21st century lives.


I am grateful for the inner peace… the simple knowing that we are here… living in the now… with everything else fading in a distant background. 


I am thankful for the faithfulness of nature: that the sun still shines every morning; birds still sing; and nature’s kept its innate cycle, reminding me that even within the raging COVID tornado, there is a perfect stillness and quiet within, where some things are left unchanged. 


I am grateful for the few routines – those ever elusive constants in my life – which kept me centered within the eye of that tornado. The familiar faces at my neighbourhood grocery store, even if masked. Those smiling eyes greeting me every morning. The stable haven that’s my home. 


I am grateful for my husband, who has been keeping me sane, shielding me from the constant hyperbolic media feeds.
For my daughter, the light of my life, who keeps me anchored with her enthusiasm and wisdom in the unique way only a 10 year old can.
For all the new acquaintances I’ve made this year, despite social distancing. Every year, I send a Christmas Card to our family and friends. And this year, I did not think I would have anyone new to add to our list – but I did. Quite a few! And it felt so good to know that, had it not been for COVID-19, I would have never met these amazing souls.


I am grateful to God, for I know that, whatever happens happens under His watch for a reason. I am grateful for the constant reminders that He is here in our midst, watching over us and supporting us. And I try to find solace in knowing that, whatever the reason may be that He has allowed this pandemic to break out, He will use it for the ultimate Good of Humanity. 

Sure, the grass could also be greener. There are a lot of things I miss – like being anxiety free – like travelling and seeing my friends without having to worry about me infecting them or them me… like being able to kiss and hug carefree…

But instead, I choose to just keep watering the grass that’s growing right here under my feet.

What would you like to start watering today? 

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