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“In humility, living life one act of kindness at a time”

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Dina Sabry Fivaz

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Hello! I’m Dina Sabry Fivaz

Certified Multilingual Coach (EN, DE, FR, Arabic)

But please call me Dina :).

Born in Egypt to Egyptian parents, I have lived in multiple countries and was exposed to diverse cultures at a very young age, mainly thanks to my mom who was a diplomat. I now live in Switzerland and have done for 30 years. 

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbour, a coach, a trainer, a writer, a poet, and a singer.

Many years ago, a hiring manager in an interview turned to me and said: “What a patchwork CV”. I smiled proudly ’till I realised that, in her world, patchwork is bad! But in mine, patchwork is great! It’s who I am: an insatiable mind with a rainbow of interests. She still hired me. 🙂

Today, this colourful patchwork path of mine allows me to connect and effectively serve clients from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and cultures. It makes me a better coach. 

So how “patchworky” am I?

Let’s see… I have:

  • 2 BAs – in Tourism & Hotel Management, and Business & Marketing,
  • 2 MAs – a MBA and a MA in Media & Communication,
  • and a zillion Diplomas in a variety of fields – Human resources, Human Rights, Coaching, Psychology, Leadership, Writing, Blogging, Parenting, etc..

Why? Because I love studying. It opens my world to new horizons & perspectives, which enriches my life and those I serve – including you, my clients.

I have worked in 4 different industries:

  • Tourism & Hotel industry,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Intergovernmental – United Nations,
  • Non-Governmental – NGOs.

Somehow my career moved from being a hotel professional, to Tour Operator agent in the travel industry, to Human Resources (HR) professional, to Human Rights consultant, back to HR, and now coaching.

During my 20+ years journey as a People Practices (HR) Manager in multinational organisations, I changed roles every 3-4 years, working in the areas of:

  • Compensation & Performance Management,
  • HR Operations,
  • HR Analytics & Automation,
  • Global Project & Change Management,
  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Training,
  • Leadership & People Development,
  • Employee Counselling & Mental Health,
  • Employee Engagement, and finally
  • Coaching.

Why? Because, if I can’t keep on learning and experiencing new worlds, I wither and die! OK, that’s an exaggeration :). But I was never interested in a typical “moving up-the-ladder” career. Instead, I chose to move laterally between disciplines and functions to satisfy my continuous thirst for learning and discovery. 

Now my path wasn’t always smooth.

Despite being a high performer, I lost my job 4 times throughout my career, changed careers 4-5 times, and can relate to how difficult this can be. I also know that every time this happened, it became a unique opportunity to re-launch my career onto new and refreshing paths.

When I burned-out at the end of 2014, I realised I needed to make drastic changes in my life: carving out time for myself, my family, my writing, and God. So, I made a conscious choice to give voice to my personal needs and passions beyond work. I became a certified coach. I returned to my writing and poetry, and became a picture book author and blogger. I joined a choir and became a gospel choir singer and a voice-over amateur.

And I’m still learning – sometimes the hard way… :).

At your service

While I am a woman of many passions, most importantly, I am passionate about people. Having gone through a multitude of transitions and mused over existential questions, I am passionate and inspired to support you on your own learning journey, search for meaning, and life transitions, whatever these may be. 

Transitions are but the chrysalis from which new life can form! When we choose to go through that uncomfortable, at times painful, space – that’s when we make the most meaningful shifts in our lives. And it’s a journey we are not meant to take alone.

Whatever you may be going through right now that has brought you to my page, one thing is certain: We are not meant to go through life’s summits and valleys on our own, but in the companionship of others. I would be honoured to be your companion and walk alongside you on your journey.

Pericles said: “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the [hearts and] lives of others.”

What I would like to leave behind as your coach is for you to know that you are accepted, loved and cared for deeply just the way you are; AND that you are on an exciting journey waiting to unfold under the warming sun of “love”, the nourishing earth of “hope”, and the refreshing rain of “challenge”.

I’d be honoured if I could be remembered as the windshield wipes on your car as you embark on that journey :).

My Approach

My coaching practice is called “Agape, Heart & Soul”, because these words best reflect my coaching approach & philosophy. AGAPE stands for the highest form of love. HEART & SOUL is my promise that our work together will centre around your whole person, be meaningful and have depth.

I love to work with people from all walks of life, because I believe that we are all inherently connected, through our mere humanity and existence.

I allow my intuition to guide me and place it at your service. If you are open to it, I like to create experiments together with you during a session that help enhance your level of awareness. This may involve body work or imaginative work.
I focus on awareness in my coaching because I believe that – with a heightened sense of awareness – change occurs, almost effortlessly.

I view coaching as a genuine relationship.

As your coach, I am as invested in our relationship as you are. We mutually influence and impact each other. As such, and if appropriate, I share with you my thoughts and feelings in reaction to what you share. This is not to direct your decision or give you advice. But rather, I offer it to you as an additional data point or viewpoint, in case it may be helpful in enhancing your level of awareness further.

These values and beliefs guide me in how I choose to coach, not what’s “trendy”. My work with my clients is centred around the whole person. While I am familiar with many models, tools and techniques, my focus at the end of the day is you, my client – body, mind and soul. For the real magic happens in that space in-between; as we meet, open ourselves up, and invite each other into our respective worlds.

I strive to connect with each one of my clients in a positive and meaningful way. This also means that I tailor my approach to my clients’ individual preferences, styles and needs.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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My Values & Beliefs

♥ My Christian faith is an important part of who I am and who I aspire to be. I don’t proselytise, my faith simply informs my core values, beliefs, and therefore coaching approach.
I value relationships more than anything else. I love to connect with strangers, because we are only a stranger once!
I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I believe that we glide in and out of each other’s lives for a season, for a reason.
I believe that we are not alone, but guided and supported by a higher Spirit (if we allow it).
I believe that the human race shares a common life purpose: Love or Agape. And each one of us is invited through a different learning journey in life to get there. Mine is to “in humility, live life one act of kindness at a time”.
I believe that all things come together for the good.
I believe in the power of intuition and the power of grief/mourning – for they are the chrysalis from which new life can form.

My Experience

  • 20+ years of professional experience across a wide spectrum of People Practices (Human Resources functions); with an emphasis on Coaching, People & Leadership development, Burnout & Mental health, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Experienced working in the private sector (pharmaceutical, travel services), as well as in the IGO (United Nations) and NGO sectors 

    My Formal Education

    • Coaching Certificate, ICE, University of Cambridge, UK
    • Masters in Business Administration, IU, Geneva, CH
    • Masters of Arts in Media & Communication, IU, Geneva, CH

    Highlights of Continued Coaching Trainings

    My Top 10 Gallup Strengths

    1-Learner. 2-Connectedness. 3.Achiever. 4-Individualisation. 5-Input.
    6-Empathy. 7-Developer. 8-Intellection. 9-Strategic. 10-Positivity.


    Dina Sabry Fivaz is a multilingual (EN, DE, FR, Arabic) Coach & Human Resources Strategist, with 20+ years professional experience in People Practices. Specialised in Coaching, Leadership & People development, Burnout & Mental health, Diversity & Inclusion. Within coaching, she specialises in coaching people who are in some kind of a Transition and/or facing Existential questions – be it professional (career related) or personal (loss/grief, search for meaning, burnout). She also does Executive coaching, Career coaching, and Strengths coaching.

    Years of experience

    Coaching training hours

    Coaching clients

    Certifications & Memberships

    Certified Coach, ICE, University of Cambride, UK

    Team Coaching Studio Certificate in Team Coaching
    Member of the Association for Coaching
    Center for Stress Management
    ensa Mental Health First Aider
    Gestalt Coach Training
    Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
    Member SCBWI - Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

    Current & Former Employers

    F. Hoffman-la Roche Logo
    Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights logo
    Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation Serbia logo
    Novartis logo

    "Dina is an absolutely outstanding coach and collaborator. I had the pleasure of working with Dina over several months when she served as a StrenghtFinder coach to my team. Her thoughtful guidance, support, and insights where instrumental for our growth as a newly formed team. Because of Dina's work, we were able to make great strides in increasing connectedness and maximizing the impact of our collective efforts. After assessing our needs, Dina went above and beyond to build tailored individual and group sessions that were incredibly effective for achieving our goals. In addition to her deep knowledge, Dina's warmth and joyful demeanor make her an absolute delight to work with. She's truly one of the best team coaches I've worked with over the past ten years. I whole-heartedly recommend Dina, and can't wait for the opportunity to collaborate with her again."

    Eydith Comenenzia Ortiz – Founder & CEO, CONECTA Partners – Team Strengths Coaching

    "Dina is an inspirational and amazing coach - she helped our dynamic and complex team with strengthfinder workshops - customized for each chapter with great detail and diligence. Dina actively listens to her clients and tailors the programs to create the best value and impact for the team. Her sessions helped us to be a stronger team - and we continued to keep her as our coach as she showed great value. Also, Dina has a great talent in connecting with people and maintaining relationships. I can only highly recommend Dina and believe she will be a great asset to any team."

    Aysem Oznel – Patient Partnership Director, F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Team Strengths Coaching

    "After two sessions I am impressed by her empathy and ability to combine psychology and coaching! We were able to dive into my personal behavioural patterns in the working environment and analyze the route cause and restructure my perception towards the precessional environment and towards myself. I will gladly join one of her coaching groups given the chance."

    Altina-Christina Toraj – IT Project Manager & Scrum Master, F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Individual Coaching

    "Dina helped to shape a "strength finder" workshop to carve out individual and collective strengths of our team. Dina offered 1:1 coaching sessions and was a creative partner in designing a fit-for-purpose workshop. Dina was a creative partner looking for the best solution for our setting, the workshop was very well received and had a lasting impact on our team."

    Dr. Andreas Weinzierl – Head of Marketing, Roche Switzerland – Team Strengths Coaching

    "Dina is a very experienced leader, coach and project manager. She’s amazing! I’ve personally benefited from her coaching, which helped me focus and hone my strengths. Dina was also a leader of a team I worked on. How she brought the team energy, spirit and engagement together really brought the most out of each of us as individuals and even more powerfully as a team. I can only highly recommend Dina and hope we have the chance to work together again in the future. "

    Eleanor Collins – Global Change Management Office Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Individual Strengths Coaching

    "Dina is a fabulous coach. With her empathic nature she makes you feel at ease and we quickly had a very open and honest working relationship. Her expertise in writing is very profound. Thank you for your valuable support Dina."

    Vanessa Gschwind – Corporate Event Manager – Individual Coaching

    "Dina is an extraordinary coach that supported me with very insightful view of how to interpret my Gallup Strengths results. She is very reflected, flexible and open person with lots of positive attitude and great leadership skills. I am very grateful for your help Dina and it is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again and my highest recommendation! 🙂 "

    "Very effective facilitation and very well organized contents. I feel Dina truly cared about providing useful tips for us and her authenticity is very much appreciated. This led to a mutual-trust atmosphere which everyone benefited. Thank you!"

    A.F. – Group Coaching session: “Time for a career change. Now what?”

    "Thank you Dina - you were really amazing. Really appreciate all your insights and input and thoughts as well as your positive can do attitude. Great coaching and listening skills. "

    Participant in Group Coaching session: “Time for a career change. Now what?”

    "In large parts, the workshop felt - in a positive way - like group therapy. Meeting like-minded people who face similar challenges like my own was a true eye-opener to me. Not only did I get useful tips out of the conversations, the entire setup of the group helped me to realise that other people faced similar struggles, insecurities and motivations along their individual paths towards career-change and personal re-invention. In addition, my own contributions to the group might've even been helpful to some of the others as well. I left with my mind in a somewhat calmed state of contentment and a positive attitude towards my future, together with a number of additional contacts of interesting people I would otherwise have never met."

    Participant in Group Coaching session: “Time for a career change. Now what?”

    "Dina was a great facilitator! Authentic, helpful and lots of expertise and experience to share with the participants - many thanks for this workshop offering!"

    Participant in Group Coaching session: “Time for a career change. Now what?”

    "Even if I did not know you before I can say you are a very special person, I love your voice and the way you speak and the positive spirit that shines through you. Wow I am always inspired by people like you and after meeting this kind of people I have a smile on my face that last the whole day. I wish you all the best for the future! Stay as you are because you have a true impact on people."

    Participant in Group Coaching session: “Time for a career change. Now what?”

    "What a great use of my time! Dina was very knowledgeable and focused on my concrete needs. Not only were all of my questions answered, the expert coaching approach was extremely helpful for me to become more self-aware and confident."

    Participant in Career Development Coaching, Taiwan

    "Dear Dina, thank you so much for your great session, which helped me a lot where I stand now and what I want."

    A.P. – Career Development Coaching – Iran

    "My 1:1 job application advice was incredibly useful and I received many good recommendations on how to improve my CV and my workday profile. It totally exceeded my expectations."

    Participant in Job Application Support session – Grenzach

    "Erwartungen übertroffen. Es war klasse, wie kurzfristig und flexibel ich eine Beratung bekommen konnte. Die Beratung selbst war sehr freundlich und motivierend, inhaltlich sehr klar und extrem hilfreich. "

    Participant in Job Application Support session – Grenzach

    "The short-term coaching with Dina was an enlightening experience. My coach, Dina, has asked me inspiring questions and given me enough time to find the answers to my question by myself. She has also given me the affirmation I need as I step into a role with much uncertainties. Throughout the call, she listened to my problem keenly and has given me plenty of heartwarming encouragement. I was very impressed with her kindness and coaching professionalism."

    Participant in Individual Coaching – Hong Kong

    "Dear Dina, I'd like to recognize your coaching efforts guiding me through my GallupStrengths assessment results. On our sessions, you helped me a lot putting the information into context and you had great questions making me self-reflect. Ultimately you enabled me to learn about myself & grow. I really appreciate your contribution to it! "

    Tamás – Poland – Individual Strengths Coaching session

    "Chère Dina, j'ai super apprécié ton coaching et de pouvoir m'ouvrir sur différents aspects de mon profil, cela permet de mieux se connaître et voir comment développer la conscience de nos forces, je voulais te remercier encore une fois car c'était un moment très passionnant. J aime l’énergie, le côté très solaire de ta personne "

    M.R. – France – Individual Strength Coaching session

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