Transitions are the chrysalis from which new life can form…
& you don’t need to go through them on your own



Coaching people in any kind of transition and/or facing life’s big questions – be it professional (career related) or personal (loss/grief, search for meaning, burnout)



Coaching you on the things that keep you awake at night

Together, we will explore the resources at your disposal, including your own creativity and the support mechanisms around you, to help you manage whatever it is you are facing.




Coaching young adults, seasoned professionals, and neurodivergent clients on their career journey, incl. CV & motivation letter review, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, etc.



Certified Gallup Strengths coach

Helping you “Name, Claim & Aim” your natural talents and strengths to achieve your goals, using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths online assessment tool


Coaching people
in transition
and/or facing
life’s big questions

Transitions are the chrysalis from which new life can form… & you don’t need to go through them on your own

Coaching people in transition and/or in search of meaning is a true passion of mine, because I know that, when we choose to go through that uncomfortable, at times painful, space – that’s when we make the most meaningful shifts in our lives. And it’s a journey we are not meant to take alone.

Examples of some of the issues I have tackled with clients in the past include:

1. Career

  • You are about to start a new professional step, or are re-entering the workforce after a longer break, and need support as you navigate this initial phase.
  • Your position has been made redundant, and you are not sure what to do next, or how to make the best of the situation.
  • You are planning a job exit or retirement phase, and need support as you navigate the opportunities and challenges of that phase.
  • You just became a parent, and are struggling with finding a balance between the different roles you have to play.

Having gone through many career transitions myself, I get it! I’ll accompany you as we untangle those messy threads, until you discover the opportunity and new meaning that is trying to take shape behind the messiness and chaos of it all.


2.  Search for meaning | Loss & Grief

  • You are feeling a sense of loss or emptiness, but can’t put your finger on what it is you’re missing – after all, “you have it all”.
  • You are facing a “purpose” crisis (also known as “mid-life” crisis) and wish to find new meaning in life.
  • You feel that there is more to life than just the daily nitty-gritty and wish to (re-)connect to something “bigger”.
  • You are going through a divorce, or are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Whatever you may be going through right now, one thing is certain: we are not meant to go through life’s valleys and summits on our own, but in the warm companionship of others. 
I’d love to be your companion and walk alongside you on this important journey. 

3. Burnout

  • You find yourself tired or on edge most of the time, and sense that you need to start making some significant changes in your life.
  • You are recovering from a burnout, and need a partner with whom you can think through your next steps.
  • You are feeling replenished, yet mindful of the fact that your current lifestyle is not sustainable on the long run.

Having recovered from a burnout, I know how hard it can be to be in that space, and how having a community of people around you who can support you during that phase is of utmost importance.

Coaching is not therapy. But it can be a very helpful complement, either in parallel to psychotherapy or after you have completed your therapy sessions.

In our coaching, we will focus on you, your thoughts, your feelings, your life style, and the resources at your disposal. I will give you the support and encouragement you need, to take the steps you need, to replenish that energy well of yours, so you can start a new chapter in your life.


Executive coaching

  • Do you stand in front of a difficult decision(s) – be it business or people related – and are not sure which path to choose?
  • Are you wondering what leadership style would be best suited for dealing with the opportunities or challenges you / your team / your organisation is facing?
  • Have you been given conflicting feedback about your leadership style or business results, and are not sure what to make of it all?

Leadership can be both an exhilarating and a lonely, at times confusing, experience. There are so many demands being made of leaders today, and that makes me wonder: are they all realistic? are we equipping our leaders for success? are we providing them with the support they need? are we allowing them to be human?

In our coaching, we will explore what keeps you up at night as a leader and help you explore the resources at your disposal, including your own creativity, and the support mechanisms around you, to help you manage whatever it is you are facing.

Together, we will dig deep into the issues you are facing, and uncover what truly matters to you. My hope is that, at the end of our coaching together, you will feel much more connected to who you truly are, and as such, feel much more connected to those you lead and support.


Career coaching
& Job application support

Career coaching

  • Are you looking to change careers/studies or are not sure which career/study path to take?
  • Have you just lost your job or resigned, and are at a loss as to what next?
  • Are you fed up of going from one role to the next, and are yearning to find a “vocation” that doesn’t feel like “just another job”?

Job application support

  • Have an important job interview coming up, and wish to prepare for it to increase your chance of success?
  • Are you nervous about job interviews in general, or have not had one in a long time, and are not sure how it works anymore?
  • Have you not written or updated your CV in a while, and wish to receive feedback on it?
  • Would you like feedback on your motivational letter or LinkedIn profile?

Target Groups

I have been working for many years with both young adults, who are still early in their career and/or still studying, as well as seasoned professionals and experts in their field, and would love to support you on your journey.

I have also recently started to work with neurodivergent clients (Dyslexic, ADHD, and Autistic) who are looking to (re-)integrate the workforce or higher educational system and need support in navigating the so-called “neuro-typical” world.

As an HR professional of 20+ years of experience, and having changed careers multiple times and studied a variety of disciplines myself, I can support you as we explore your career/study goals and opportunities, so you can thrive in your work life and present your authentic self forward.


Strengths coaching using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths

I am not a fan of psychometric models in general, because I feel that they end up boxing people into a mould that is far too small for who they really are. The CliftonStrengths assessment, in my view, is an exception to that:

  • Firstly, it is an assessment that highlights your natural talents – those strengths which are readily available to you, and which, if understood and developed further, can be the key to your success and thriving.
  • Also, it is an assessment that recognises that we are much more than our strengths, and acknowledges the complexity and interplay between strengths.
What does a Strengths coaching look like?
  • First, you will need to take the CliftonStrengths online assessment (takes about 30-45 min.), and fill out a short background questionnaire. The process to do so is straightforward, and I will guide you through it.
  • Then, we can have our first coaching session (90 min.), where we explore your strengths. The goal of that session is to make sure you have a good understanding of your strengths profile, and that you “own” your strengths by the end of the session.

    a) We look at how each one of your strengths come to life in their own unique way in your own unique life.

    b) We look at how your strengths may explain some of your preferences, and how you like to get things done. We also look at how different strengths can influence each other, and how this may impact your behavior or perceptions.

    c) We also explore how your strengths, and lesser themes may sometimes stand in your own way, and explore ways to manage that.

  • If you wish, we could then have follow-up coaching sessions (60 min. each) where we explore how you can activate your strengths as you strive to achieve your hopes and dreams; how your natural talents can be put to your service and the service of others; and how you can use the power of strengths-partnerships to support you along the way.


1. What is individual coaching? What's the impact?

In individual coaching, we work together one-on-one, exploring whatever is on your mind. My role is to create a safe confidential space, where you can explore your thoughts and feelings openly, freely, and be heard without judgement. I act as your thought and empathic partner for new awareness and insights to emerge, and from these, change naturally occurs.

Coaching is about supporting you as you make sense of your world.
It is about shedding light on, and uncovering things that may be forgotten, hidden or ignored.
It is about facilitating the finding of answers you are looking for.
It is about (re)discovering one’s ‘wholeness’.

My goal is to help you, my client, feel seen and heard for who you truly are; know that you are cared for, and held in unconditional positive regard; and feel hopeful about your future, as you go about reconciling the different roles you play in your life within one coherent and cohesive picture filled with meaning and purpose.

3. What can we work on together?

While I can coach anyone on any topic, I find myself working mostly in the following areas:

You can find out more about each area of focus by clicking the links above or by scrolling up.

PS: Often times, these areas of focus will overlap within a coaching engagement, and we may end up dealing with transitions or strengths in an executive coaching, or end up dealing with loss/grief in a career coaching, etc.

5. How do we get started?

I recommend that we first have a 30 min. conversation, free of charge.

During this video call, we can find out more about each other, and get a feel for how working together could look like. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have – whether related to coaching in general, my background, coaching process, pricing, etc.

If we decide that we would like to work together, I would send you an offer and coaching agreement for you to review and sign.

Once signed, we schedule our first session where we explore in further detail what brings you to coaching, and we take it from there. I don’t have a standard process I take each client through. I like to individualize my approach to my client’s style, preferences, and needs.

You are free to book one session at a time, or buy a package of 6 sessions or more.

You can also start with a first session, and at the end of the first one, you can decide whether you wish to continue booking one session at a time or acquire a coaching package.

You are also free to stop the coaching relationship at any time and without notice.

7. How much does this cost?

Feel free to check out my Pricing page.

If my work capacity allows it, I am also happy to adjust my pricing and payment arrangements for clients who are facing financial difficulties and/or who are based outside of Switzerland. Money should not be a barrier for someone to receive quality coaching. So if you would like to work with me, just reach out!

2. Are coaching and therapy the same?

The short answer is no.

While coaching and psychotherapy draw on similar theories, tools and methodologies from one another, they are not the same and one does not replace the other. 

We all carry a backpack of past experiences and, often times, traumas. In coaching, we look at how you can pursue your life’s goals and aspirations while carrying that backpack with you. In therapy, you would aim to resolve those past experiences and traumas, so that your backpack gets lighter. As you can imagine, things are not always as black and white – but I find this to be the most helpful image to understand the difference between coaching and therapy. 

In practice, how far we explore a topic together within our coaching relationship will depend on a co-created and co-negotiated boundary between you, the client, and me, your coach. 

If you are already under the care of a mental health professional, I would encourage you to discuss with the latter the nature and extent of the coaching relationship you are contemplating.

If you wish to learn about the coaching/therapy boundary, this research paper is one of the best I have read on the topic so far.

4. What would us working together look like?

My work with you is centred around your whole person. While I am familiar with many models, tools and techniques, my focus at the end of the day is you, my client – body, mind and soul. For the real magic happens in that space in-between; as we meet, open ourselves up, and invite each other into our respective worlds.

My goal is to help you, my client, feel seen and heard for who you truly are; know that you are cared for and held in unconditional positive regard; and feel hopeful about your future, as you go about reconciling the different roles you play in your life within one coherent and cohesive picture filled with meaning and purpose.

I strive to connect with each one of my clients in a positive and meaningful way. This also means that I tailor my approach to my clients’ individual preferences, styles and needs.

To find out more about my approach, values, and background, please check out my “About me” page.

6. What are your terms and conditions?

Once we have agreed to work together, I will share with you a coaching agreement, as part of my offer. This document includes the scope of coaching, coaching location and duration, my working hours, payment arrangements, termination, etc. And the clauses therein are pretty standard.

You can take the time you need to review the offer and agreement, and ask questions. Once we have both signed the document, the coaching relationship is confirmed and our work can begin :).

8. Where do we meet? When? In what language?

Where: coaching location & scheduling

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, all individual coaching sessions will take place online and each is usually between 60 to 75 minutes in duration. The date and time of these sessions will be mutually agreed between us.

Individual coaching sessions may also take place on the phone using Signal or Telegram apps, if we agree to do so.

In-person “walk & talk” individual coaching sessions may also be accommodated. Depending on the agreed meeting point, a commuting surcharge may be applied as agreed by us prior to the session taking place. I am based in Basel, Switzerland. 

When: my working hours

My regular working schedule is: Monday – Thursday, 08:30 – 17:30 CET; and follows the Swiss Basel-land public holidays and school calendar.

I may be able to accommodate sessions outside of my regular working schedule. If so, a supplemental charge of 25% of my regular hourly rate would apply.

In between scheduled meetings, I will be available to you during above working schedule by e-mail for the purposes of rescheduling meetings, etc. Additional work for me beyond the coaching meetings (for example, reviewing documents, conducting assessments, etc.) would be agreed between us in advance, together with any fees (if applicable) that may apply.  

Languages I speak

I offer individual coaching sessions in English, Deutsch, Français, and عربي.

My level of fluency differs for each language. You can get a feel for my language skills during our 30 min. free video call I offer you, and we take it from there.

How Do I Get Started?


Free 30 min. chat

Contact me through the form below or via e-mail for a free 30 minute video call. Just a relaxed conversation to find out more about each other and what working together could look like. No strings attached.


Offer & Agreement

If we agree to work together, I would send you an offer and coaching agreement for you to review and sign.

Book appointment

Once the coaching agreement is signed, we would schedule our first appointment. 

1st session!

You’re all set! We can now have our first session and take it from there.

"I had the privilege to have an intense coaching session with Dina on a topic that has been bothering me for weeks, and I could not come to a conclusion. After 60 minutes with Dina and a series of very insightful questions, it became clear. I perceived Dina as being a very resourceful coach, empathetic, clear, structured and if necessary, direct and to the point. She was able to create a trustful atmosphere within minutes."

Gaby Lederer-Ganse – Certified Coach – Individual Coaching

"I've had several coaching sessions with Dina during the last three years and I can wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services. She is very experienced and does it with passion and a lot of empathy. Thanks Dina!"

F.E. – Business Operations – Individual Coaching

"After two sessions I am impressed by her empathy and ability to combine psychology and coaching! We were able to dive into my personal behavioural patterns in the working environment and analyze the root cause and restructure my perception towards the precessional environment and towards myself. I will gladly join one of her coaching groups given the chance."

Altina-Christina Toraj – IT Project Manager & Scrum Master, F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Individual Coaching

"Dina is a very experienced leader, coach and project manager. She’s amazing! I’ve personally benefited from her coaching, which helped me focus and hone my strengths. Dina was also a leader of a team I worked on. How she brought the team energy, spirit and engagement together really brought the most out of each of us as individuals and even more powerfully as a team. I can only highly recommend Dina and hope we have the chance to work together again in the future. "

Eleanor Collins – Global Change Management Office Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche – Individual Strengths Coaching

"Thank you once again for the excellent strengths coaching session yesterday. I have a lot of new insights and some actions to put in place. If I have any open needs, once I re-review my data, I'll reach out. Thank you very much for your valuable support!"

T.C. – Senior Executive – Individual Strengths Coaching

"Dina is a fabulous coach. With her empathic nature she makes you feel at ease and we quickly had a very open and honest working relationship. Her expertise in writing is very profound. Thank you for your valuable support Dina."

Vanessa Gschwind – Corporate Event Manager – Individual Coaching

"Dina is an extraordinary coach that supported me with very insightful view of how to interpret my Gallup Strengths results. She is very reflected, flexible and open person with lots of positive attitude and great leadership skills. I am very grateful for your help Dina and it is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again and my highest recommendation! 🙂 "

"What a great use of my time! Dina was very knowledgeable and focused on my concrete needs. Not only were all of my questions answered, the expert coaching approach was extremely helpful for me to become more self-aware and confident."

Participant in Career Development Coaching, Taiwan

"Dear Dina, thank you so much for your great session, which helped me a lot where I stand now and what I want."

A.P. – Career Development Coaching – Iran

"My 1:1 job application advice was incredibly useful and I received many good recommendations on how to improve my CV and my workday profile. It totally exceeded my expectations."

Participant in Job Application Support session – Grenzach

"Erwartungen übertroffen. Es war klasse, wie kurzfristig und flexibel ich eine Beratung bekommen konnte. Die Beratung selbst war sehr freundlich und motivierend, inhaltlich sehr klar und extrem hilfreich. "

Participant in Job Application Support session – Grenzach

"The short-term coaching with Dina was an enlightening experience. My coach, Dina, has asked me inspiring questions and given me enough time to find the answers to my question by myself. She has also given me the affirmation I need as I step into a role with much uncertainties. Throughout the call, she listened to my problem keenly and has given me plenty of heartwarming encouragement. I was very impressed with her kindness and coaching professionalism."

Participant in Individual Coaching – Hong Kong

"Dear Dina, I'd like to recognize your coaching efforts guiding me through my GallupStrengths assessment results. On our sessions, you helped me a lot putting the information into context and you had great questions making me self-reflect. Ultimately you enabled me to learn about myself & grow. I really appreciate your contribution to it! "

Tamás – Poland – Individual Strengths Coaching session

"Chère Dina, j'ai super apprécié ton coaching et de pouvoir m'ouvrir sur différents aspects de mon profil, cela permet de mieux se connaître et voir comment développer la conscience de nos forces. Je voulais te remercier encore une fois car c'était un moment très passionnant. J'aime l’énergie, le côté très solaire de ta personne "

M.R. – France – Individual Strength Coaching session

"Many many thanks for your feedback on my CV and your time! This was more than helpful! I will definitely modify my CV according to your very relevant suggestions!"

F.G. – Switzerland – Job Application Support – CV review

"The coaching sessions with Dina were interesting and extremely helpful in preparing me for my studies and work life. Using different techniques and methods that I didn't know before have helped me to be less stressed about the future and to have a more open and positive perspective. Dina's on one hand warm and at the same time professional manner also made the environment of the coaching sessions very pleasant. I can highly recommend meeting with Dina!"

Alexander Otto – Interdisciplinary Student in Sustainability – France – Career coaching

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